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Environmental Issues

Should I be concerned and what can I do?

You may have seen television programmes or news items recently with regard to environmental issues and the problems that householders can come up against through no fault of their own.

Before you buy we would strongly advise that an environmental search is put in place.

A Domestic Environmental search report will provide you with information regarding potential environmental risks which will include :-

  • Whether there has been any past and present industrial land use in the area and so whether the land may be contaminated ;
  • Where there is a landfill and waste management site near the property
  • Whether there has been coal mining, natural subsidence and mineral extraction on or near the land. These can often cause major insurance claims. This area of the survey is also designed to show land instability problems which may affect the value of the property.
  • The probability of radon gas in the area. This will also examine whether the property falls into an area where radon protection methods are required for new properties
  • Flood risk and whether the house is within 250 metres of a fluvial or tidal floodplain.

Any of these could have long term consequences for you in terms of health risks and property value

Every report now comes with an Environmental Certificate. The Certificate will indicate the possibility of the property being classed as contaminated, as defined by Section 78(A)2 of Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The Certificate will also help ascertain from an environmental view as to whether the property can be borrowed against.


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