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My House Hasn't Been Built Yet

Buying a house which hasn't yet been built is quite different from buying an existing property.

Before you enter into a contract to purchase an unbuilt or partially built house please bear in mind the following :-

  1. You will have to pay a deposit. Who is going to hold this deposit and can you get it back if your project fails?
  2. You will need to be sure that the house will be built to national specifications and make sure you will receive a Buildmark/NHBC Certificate
  3. What remedies will you have if the property is not finished on time?
  4. What can you do if the property is not finished in accordance with what was agreed at the time of the original agreement to purchase?
  5. You must be given the opportunity to prepare a snagging list where



You can list any problems that need to be rectified. You must be sure that there is a time scale by which all snagging items must be rectified and that you have recourse if they are not rectified on time.

  1. Is there a roadways agreement in place ? Or have they been adopted by the Local Authority?
  2. Is there a Drainage agreement in place? Or have the drains been adopted by the local Sewerage undertaker?
All these matters must be taken into account when purchasing a new property. Please contact us and we shall advise you on the steps we will take to protect your interests as a buyer of a new property.



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